Umoe Mandal - Lift fans

Lift fans

Umoe Mandals Composite lift fans has, because of its low weight, high performance and durability, been a great success on our series of SES-vessels delivered to the Norwegian Navy. The technology is now used in our designs for the US Navy

Umoe Mandal has delivered 54 fan systems over the last 15 years. The systems delivered are:

Total 36 for nine Royal Norwegian Navy (RNoN) Oksøy class MCMV SES

Total 4 for one ACV T 2000 for Finnish Navy hovercraft

Total 12 for six RNoN Skjold class Littoral Combat Craft SES

Total 2 for one US Navy test LCAC

For the first three deliveries above, full systems were delivered, including impeller, volute, inlet cone, ducts, closing vanes, etc. These different systems now have more than 250,000 accumulated operational hours, with excellent performance and maintenance track record.

The Umoe Mandal fan systems are extremely reliable and effective, light weight and low need of maintenance.