Umoe Mandal - Skjold Class Corvette

Skjold Class Corvette

Skjold class coastal corvettes (skjold means "shield" in Norwegian) are a class of large, superfast, stealth missile craft in service with the Royal Norwegian Navy. The boats were formerly classed as MTBs (motor torpedo boats), but from 2009 the Royal Norwegian Navy has described them as coastal corvettes (kystkorvett) because their seaworthiness is seen as comparable to corvettes. They were built at the Umoe Mandal yard. The Skjold class patrol boats remain the fastest armed craft in the world (60 knots /110 km/h)

The pre serial vessel, Skjold was delivered to the Norwegian Navy in 1999. Umoe Mandal was awarded the series contract for 5 new series vessels and a retrofit of Skjold in 2003.

The Skjold class has been in service since 2010 and has proven to be valuable contribution to the Royal Norwegian Navy.