Umoe Mandal - History


Located on the most southerner tip of Norway and sheltered by the scenery archipelago that surrounds the city and the coastline, you find Mandal.

The city of Mandal is famous for its shipbuilding and engineering industries. There was much trade in sailing ships, where the natural harbour of Kleven and Gismerøya was used.
Several yards provided ships and marine equipment to customers in Norway and abroad.

The Mandal yards have over the last 70 years developed and delivered hundreds of various ships to domestic and overseas customers. Aluminium and composites were early introduced as building material for the ships.
The Westamaran is a pioneer type of passenger transport high speed catamarans developed by Westermoen Hydrofoil in 1973. The craft was highly successful, and introduced a new era of passenger transport along the Norwegian coast and elsewhere.

Since the late forties ships were delivered to the Royal Norwegian Navy and other navies. The RAPP-, the TJELD- and the SNØGG class Fast Patrol Boats are examples of navy ships that were delivered to the Royal Norwegian Navy over the last fifty years. Also 14 Fast Patrol Boats of the NASTY class where delivered to the US Navy.

Umoe Mandal was established in 1989 under the name Kværner Båtcervice. Its strong maritime heritage and cultural legacy led way for a tailor made shipyard for composite production of ships and components. In the year of 2000 the Umoe Group acquired the company.

Key milestones:

2013 Building of WAVECRAFTTM for the Offshore Wind Industry (Vessel no 3 under construction)

2011-13 Development of a new concept for Offshore Wind - WAVECRAFTTM

2007- Series production Air Pressure Vessels

2006- Design work for US Navy/ONR

2003-12 Delivered 5 Skjold Class FPB series

2000 Acquired by the Umoe Group

1998-04 Upgraded 14 Hauk Class FPB

1999 Delivered Skjold Class Fast Patrol Boat (FPB) prototype

1994-97 Delivered 4 Minehunters and 5 Minesweepers

1991 Remaining part aquired by Kværner, new facilities at Gismerøya

1989 Established as Kværner Båtservice - composite vessel yard