Umoe Mandal - Materials


Extensive experience with the complete range of materials for advanced composite structures

polyesters,vinylesters epoxy, phenolics,BMI

glass, carbon, aramid uni and multi axial fabrics, woven roving etc.

Core materials:
PVC, PMI, balsa, honeycombs

Umoe Mandal has speciliazed in the design and manufacturing of all-composite materials, resulting in very low structural weights and high strength in our products. Low structural weight will spin of great advantages as high payload fraction, reduced displacement, reduced power requirements, reduced fuel consumption and acquisition cost.

Umoe Mandal`s sandwich composite material technology reflects two decades of developing LEAN production methods, developing design details like joints and foundations, developing and refining effective repair methods, etc.
Due to the positive buoyancy of the structural material our vessels will have a low damage susceptibility compared to steel or aluminium counterparts. Further to the cost aspect, composite materials do not corrode, greatly reducing the maintenance cost and the availability of the vessel.